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Couples who cannot experience the joy of parenting naturally, now have several options to be blessed with a child. The wonders of science have made it possible for couples to experience the pleasure of having their baby. There are a few fertility treatments that help in conceiving. Infertility in a man or a woman both can be treated with these fertility treatments which are known as the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

These fertility treatment options are listed below:

Swagat Herbals IUI Treatment is a simple fertility treatment process. The treatment can be performed with or without the use of fertility drugs. This treatment involves the placement of sperm within the uterus from the vagina and through the cervix, for fertilization. Here the fundamental thing is to increase the number of sperms entering fallopian tubes leading to increased probability of fertilization. The sperms are washed before placing them in the uterus near the egg. This process, however, does not work in a case wherein the female's both fallopian tubes are either removed or blocked. This method increases the likelihood of pregnancy for some couples. Perhaps in cases where IUI is not possible or advisable, IVF treatment comes in the picture.

Swagat Herbals IVF Treatment is again one of the common fertilization techniques. The fertilization process involves the combination of sperm and egg outside the body in a specialized lab, in vitro. Post the fertilization process; embryos are developed from the eggs. After 3 or 5 days, the specialist implants the embryo in the uterus. There are plethora of steps involved in this fertilization procedure. There have been many successful cases of pregnancy with IVF technique.

Many clinics and medical treatment like Swagat Herbals IVF Treatment and Swagat Herbals IUI Treatment, ensure that couples can experience the joy of childbirth.

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