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The education scenario in India is changing at an alarming rate. More and more people each year are choosing for different fields of expertise rather than the conventional sectors. Students are more eager to pursue their niche. Engineering, medical and banking are not the only option for the students to pursue their dreams.

The only thing standing between the students and their dreams is money. As the education system is turning into a fiery market more students are getting deprived of the opportunity of getting into their dream course or college. The expensive course fees have discouraged the students to settle for less conventional sectors.

Here, Eduvanz comes to the student's aid. It is a financing company founded by Varun Chopra, Raheel Shah and Atul Sashittal to enhance the skills of students through easy Skill Development Loan. Started in 2016 with a sole purpose to ease the financial burden of students and let them pursue their dream job.

It has more than a hundred verified training partners and provides loans across 20 major cities of India. It also partners with institutes for easy management of study loans and repayment.

It is super easy to apply-

  1. Select your dream course
  2. Provide your id proof
  3. Instant approval
  4. Join your dream college
  5. Repay through easy EMIs

Students can also apply through WhatsApp / Chatbot / email / call / mobile app / website. All procedures are quick, transparent and have no hidden charges.

Eduvanz is reshaping the educational system of India. It is one of the best transparent Skill Loan Companies in India. It has won, Judges Choice Award in 22nd Wharton India start-up challenge 2018. It has also listed in the 30 emerging Fintech start-ups of India.

Dreams may seem farfetched before, but with Eduvanz it has become easier to chase. Through this, each student can easily choose their favourite course and achieve their dreams.

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